What is IBP

Onive Consulting | IBP

Integrated Business Planning takes it one step further than S&OP. S&OP looks at the alignment between supply and demand; or can operations deliver the demand. In IBP the target is to realize the company’s ambition; what do operations, sales and marketing have to do to realize the company’s ambition. The IBP process is characterized by the following elements: The starting … Read More

What is IBP+

Onive Consulting | Wat is IBP+

IBP+ represents the top in business planning. IBP reviews monthly what decisions need to be made with a 3 to 4 month horizon. In IBP+ the scope is both longer and wider. Longer, because the horizon is extended to 24 months. Wider, because scenario planning is fully integrated. The IBP+ process is characterized by the following elements:• The starting point … Read More

Succes factors

Onive Consulting | Succes Factoren

Onive Consulting has identified 4 factors that make the difference in successful implementation and execution of S&OP and IBP. People The road to the top of Business Planning is travelled by the employees of an organization. Lora Cecere, CEO of Supply Chain Insights, has concluded that a successful S&OP consists of 60% change management and organizational design 30% process design … Read More

Jack Ma over “education”

Onive Consulting Inspiration | Jack Ma 's visie op educatie

Wij zien een parallel tussen de visie van Jack Ma en onze opvatting over het inzetten van systemen om het doel te bereiken.

Fosbury Flop

Onive Consulting Inspiration | Fosbury Flop

De Fosbury Flop is een klassieker, nog steeds inspirerend om te zien. Één man die een sport verandert door anders te denken.

2000 drummers aan zee

Onive Consulting Inspiration | 2000 mensen in dezelfde drum beat

2000 mensen in dezelfde drum beat – zonder enige training. Met S&OP kan uw organisatie dat ook – Join the Rhythm!