Why Onive Consulting

  • We have been there. We have designed and implemented the S&OP and IBP model, but we have also managed and improved S&OP and IBP processes. Not just as a consultant, but also as S&OP manager.
  • We know it is difficult to get everybody enthusiastic. Because the benefits of S&OP are not apparent for all functions and teams have different priorities. We know wit is a high mountain to climb. We know that at first it seems just a lot of extra work and meetings
  • We remember how difficult it can be to work in an organization without S&OP or IBP. Where it can feel like a tug of war, because there is little synergy and no common goal. But we have also seen what lies on the top of the mountain. We have felt the energy that is released when, with half the effort, you get double the result.
  • We also understand the importance of sustainability of the process. Only when the change has been embedded in the organization will it thrive and lead to continuous improvement.
  • THAT is why we do what we do! Because we get our energy from helping teams reach this level of enlightenment. We love that moment when an entire organization starts moving in the same beat and starts generating extraordinary results.

So: Join the Rhythm!

    Onive’s Mission

    We love that moment when an entire organization starts moving in the same beat and starts generating extraordinary results.

    Beginning a project is not hard. Making it a success is the reward. S&OP and IBP deliver results within a few months. There is no better motivation to improve continuously.

    Success and failure are close, great leadership is the key to success in S&OP and IBP, that is why Onive’s method evolves around people and teams. They determine and realize the ambition.

    Join the Rhythm!

    Onive’s Method

    Implementing and improving S&OP and IBP is tough. It requires time. It requires dedication.

    Of course we bring methods and techniques to build a logical and effective process. But that is only part of it. The reason implementing S&OP and IBP is so tough, is that it only works when the participants know their roles and leaders support their teams and take a leading role.

    That is why our method evolves around people. That is why our work is not done when a process has been defined. That is only the start. At Onive the process is the guide and the support, but the people make the difference.

    And then it becomes very quickly clear why it is important to spend enough time and resources on the question; what does success look like? Not just success in implementing, but mainly success in improving business results and improving teamwork and collaboration.

    The last pillar under our method is based on the notion, that S&OP and IBP processes are only successful if the organisation continues to invest in it. And this will only happen when the newly implemented way of working is cemented in the organisation’s DNA and is everybody’s ‘way-of-live’.


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