S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning) and IBP (Integrated Business Planning) can bring extraordinary results to your organization. Onive is established to help companies move up the mountain of Business Planning and achieve that level of enlightenment.

We want to help your organization to reach the next level, whatever that next level means for your organization.


We adhere to the following approach:

  1. Scan and Preparation
    • Define the as-is – interviews and assessment, using our maturity matrix
    • Define the desired results – workshops and meetings
    • Agreement on resources, timing etc.
  2. Train and design
    • Get the team on track - training and coaching
    • Design the process – workshops
  3. Implement and Coach
    • Start the process
    • Implement the tools
  4. Document and Sustain
    • Create documentation
    • Embed in the organization with HR and line managers
  5. Follow up and after care
    • Come back after 3-6M for finetune


An important tool we use is the maturity matrix. We use it to assess where your organization is on the scale from no S&OP to IBP+. This is a high mountain to climb and we have identified some base-camps on the mountain. Reason we use these stages of development is because we recognize that making a sustainable process requires to ‘set up camp’.  Like stopping on a random part of the ascend, stopping on a random point in the S&OP development carries the risk of relapse.

If you want to know more about the different stages of development, read  S&OP Stadia

What Onive ALWAYS ensures

The majority of projects implementing S&OP/IBP fail. They do not fail, because the structure is wrong, because the KPI’s are wrong or because the IT solution does not work.

They fail, because the organization never really adapted a new way of working or because the change was not sustainable.

S&OP and IBP are only successful when the organization’s employees translate them into action. The transition to the next level in the S&OP/IBP roadmap can only be successful when the focus during implementation on people and process are in balance. Then the process itself is not the deliverable, but it is the enabler for employees to deliver maximum results.

That is why we always ensure:

  • All participants are trained
  • Senior management is coached into their role
  • We always come back after a few months to track and help with the fine-tuning

Making the change part of the organizational DNA is the first step of ensuring the sustainability of the change. However, staff turnover and priority changes are always a threat.

That is why we always ensure:

  • There is material for new hires on the process
  • The new requirements are reflected in job descriptions and in targets
  • Key people are identified and backup is in place
  • KPI are rightly incorporated in the organization

Want to know more about implementation at Onive, please contact us.

Consulting & advice

Your organization has an S&OP or IBP process. But it is not delivering the desired results. It might have done before, but no longer does. Or you might see possibilities to get more out of your process. You may not need a full upgrade, but want some improvements.

Onive can help your organization make your current process better embedded, more robust and more sustainable, delivering superior results. That is why we want to come and see what is working, what is not working and what we can do to generate a step-change in the outputs of the process


We use a similar approach as we would with a full implementation. This means that in assessing the situation, designing the changes, implementing the changes and sustaining the changes in the organization, we put your people first, ensuring they are central to the solution.

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Training and coaching help people and organisations to bring out the best of themselves and each other. We believe that the success of a company is determined by its people. By what they do and how they do that. In implementing and executing S&OP this is crucial. In our approach people are central. Well trained people are better qualified to make the right decisions and will contribute to the realization of the company’s ambitions. Training and coaching are the key to make the success of S&OP/IBP sustainable.

In Onive’s approach, training and coaching are central. The trainings are developed to inspire and develop people and improve collaboration within and between teams.

Onive offers training in the following subjects:

  • S&OP/IBP
  • Demand Planning, Supply Planning, Voorraadbeheer
  • Performance Management – KPI definitie, rapportering en communicatie
  • Continuous improvement

Training can have different foms:

  • Class:
    Groups of 4 to 15 participants are trained in the theory. Case studies and practical examples create discussion and reflection. Theory and reality go hand-in hand.
  • Assessment:
    Using our maturity model, we assess the maturity of your business planning processes. The result is a score by process, with recommendations for improvement.
  • Learning on the job:
    Result-oriented training based on the daily activities and challenges of your employees.
  • Coaching:
    Unleash the power of your people by coaching on the job. Feedback and discussion improves both how they perform their role and the results they achieve.

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Project Management

Are the projects in your organization delivering the targeted results? Is the result of your project clear and known in your organization?

Delivering business results successfully, depends for a large part on the successful delivery of projects. Onive can help your organization in managing your projects. We at Onive have a broad experience in project and program management and we know the success factors to make your projects a success. What can you expect:

  • Clear targets, based on a quantitative business case
  • Stakeholder management
  • Communication about time, budget, scope and resources
  • Risk management
  • KPI’s to measure success
  • Evaluation and lessons learned

Realizing the targeted results together is the best motivation to start the next improvement project.

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Interim mangement

Looking for an interim Supply Chain expert? Need someone that can bring your supply chain function to a higher level as a member of your organization? Do you Want ‘fresh eyes’ to temporarily strengthen your team? A unique opportunity to combine the day-to-day operation with assessing the health of Supply Chain in your organization.

A broad experience in several companies and departments make that we will quickly understand the challenges in your company. Interim management makes it possible to contribute to the day-to-day activities and work on the development of the organization and its people.

We have experience in change management, project management and crisis management and help your company through a challenging phase.

What can you expect from working with Onive?

  • Short induction, fast output
  • Tailor-made analysis and advise to improve Supply Chan function and collaboration with other functions
  • Coaching and development of your team and implementation of improvements in close collaboration with the management team.

Want to know more about interim management at Onive, please contact us.